Our Facilities

The School layout has been designed to help each child explore academics and enjoy learning beyond the confines of a classroom.

The spirit of learning is supported by:

  • Spacious, ventilated and natural-lit classrooms
  • Playstation
  • Learning centre for students and teachers.
  • ICT laboratories with Internet access
  • Chemistry, Biology and Physics laboratories designed as per international norms.

Beyond the Classroom:

An extensive extra-curricular program, which encompasses a range of sports, artistic pursuits and social-service activities, is designed to give students a variety of outdoor experiences and build skills, responsibility, organization and teamwork.

  • SPA (Sports and Performing Arts)
  • TCL (Trinity College of London)

To facilitate the same, the school provides


The school building is complemented with an adjoining playground that is well maintained. It helps us to offer a wide range of outdoor sports and physical education to our students.

Music Room

Music room is dedicated to teaching of classical, western and vocal music. Music is offered to the students as a part of Sports and Performing Arts.

Art Room

Art Room provides a conducive environment to the young minds to think beyond the restrictions of reality and get into a colourful flight of imagination. Students from grade 4 onwards spend their Art period in this room. Higher grade students interested in Art get a strong foothold into this stream by being exposed to various techniques and expertise in this medium.

Dance Room

Dance room is dedicated to teaching of classical, folk and western dance forms, which is offered to students as a part of Sports and Performing Arts.

School Bus Service

The school has fleet of nineteen buses managed by the school. The buses ply on routes spanning across Andheri to Borivali. The bus staff is trained to keep the safety of children in mind. Hence buses are not overloaded and a female attendant accompanies the children on all routes. Each bus is monitored under CCTV vigilence.


Our classrooms are well-ventilated, bright and air-conditioned. It is made vibrant by an artistic display of teaching aids put up to facilitate learning.


The Pre-Prim, students are provided with a room designed to encourage free play. The playstation is equipped with a large number of toys and educational material to stimulate their young minds through play.

Learning Centres (Libraries)

There are two Learning Centres – Nalanda and Takshila which are equipped with over 15000 books ranging from fiction, non-fiction, biographies, magazines, journals, newspapers etc. A range of audio and video Cd’s are available for teacher and student references. The library is designed to be a resourceful and an informative setup that is constantly upgraded to provide the latest and the best information for the users.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

The school has three Computer Labs. Computers are well-equipped with the latest software and supervised Internet connectivity.

Science Laboratories

The Laboratories for Physics, Chemist, and Biology are well equipped in accordance with the specification of Indian and International norms.

Sick Bay

Appropriate First-Aid, comfortable bed and other medical supplies are available under the supervision of a qualified nurse and in-house doctor.